Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today it's raining, good day to make some nice miniatur.

I take some woodies,gleu(for wood),tacky and my dremel, and see the photo's.

At the end I take some nail polish and put it on the lace so it's almost stone-hard.

And this is it,I take some natur stuff and put it in, ENJOY!


synnøve said...

Another great idea! Thank you for sharing :D

PAKY said...

It's a good idea, thank you, the result is very nice

marlies said...

Leuk gedaan Gonda, ziet er leuk uit!
groetjes marlies

Deni said...

Oh that is wonderful & looks so easy, how do you think of these things, amazing, maybe Im not thinking out of the box mmmmmm gotta go think now lol
Luv it!!!

Mirel said...

Like your blog, thank you for shering a wonderful idea!

kathi said...

Good morning! How nice to find your blog! I love how you show the way you make your miniatures! This one is so pretty!

cockerina said...

magnificent! and so easy to do ... thanks!