Thursday, August 12, 2010


In between I am sitting outside and make this.
I'm still thinking for what I make this, a other project?
But it takes a while yet, it is far from finished as you can see.


cockerina said...

Gonda hello! the best way to spend time doing what you like! beautiful subject for the embroidery, I hope to see it finished soon!
in my blog is my first give away, you want to participate?
a big kiss, Caterina

Lisette said...

lekker aan het borduren. Ja je zoon mag ook aandacht van je.

Flora said...

I have no time to do anything! The sea every day and the presence in the house of my husband (cause: holiday) are completely preventing me my favorite activities :-(
Your embroidery is very romantic and I am sure there is a good place for him.
Mini hugs, Flora

Clara said...

Paciencia, lo conseguirás todo lo que tienes empezado, disfruta de cada cosa. Besos Clara