Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas box / Anton Pieck 1

Now I make a Christmas box to the idea of the Dutch painter Aton Pieck, like picture above.

I made the front from mdf and put Das clay on it ( leth it good dry ).

I made the snow also with Das clay and paint it white and put some gleu on it with glitter's.
Behind the window I put a nice picture of a room, so you can look inside.


PAKY said...

Thank you for your comment, I think your idea it's great, It looks like well, I've specting more.... regards

cockerina said...

right now it seems very well done .. I expect to see the final results as well!
kisses, Caterina

Lisette said...

Anton Pieck is mijn favoriet.
Ik heb een prent gevonden en gekocht. Als ik wat meer tijd heb en dan maak ik een kijkast.

Nu kijk ik met plezier bij jouw project.